Cuticle forceps, spring mechanism, stainless steel

Manufactured and designed to perfection
Made of stainless steel for regular and long lasting use. Durable and anti-corrosion.
Extra-thin, sharp blades for ultra-precise cuticle cutting with a 3mm cutting edge
Cut cuticles easily and cleanly, and effectively treat ingrown toenails with extra fine jaws
Attractive and polished surface, with spring mechanism, these cuticle nippers are an essential part of a nail care tool kit


Perfect tweezers for perfect cuticles

Tools designed for precise use are usually precision engineered on their own

Owners of these beautiful brushed items can expect lifelong use, such is the high quality of workmanship and durability of the materials used.

When it comes to cutting, the tweezers have the sharp, extra-fine blades needed for ultra-efficient cuticle cutting, with a 3mm, 5mm or 7mm blade capable of removing unwanted cuticles quickly, precisely and cleanly. , and also be useful for the treatment of ingrown toenails.

Quality stainless steel finish, made to last

A lifetime warranty on the blade means this is an item that can be passed down from generation to generation and will always be a useful and attractive addition to nail care kits. For those new to using cuticle nippers, the precision offered by the superb design and workmanship of Mont Bleu makes treating your nails with them a pleasure rather than a chore.

Source: Professional Stainless Steel Cuticle

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