3D Luxury Nail Art Rhinestones & Charms Big Crystals Diamonds Gemstones For DIY Nail Art Work Design Decoration Crafts Jewelry Making

Colorful shiny rhinestone, make you more elegant and charming
DIY nail work with your imagination can make you glamorous and attractive
It can make your nails so shiny and special
Compatible with natural and artificial nails and easy to apply

Jewelry and nail decorations
Item type: rhinestone and decoration
Character: colorful shiny rhinestone, make you more elegant and charming
Designs: Transparent + colorful rhinestone diamond
Function: DIY nail art decorations
Nail art supplies
High quality glass stones are designed with arched back, easy access to your nails, and make your nails different styles and more shiny.
The nail gemstones have special design and precise cut to reflect the charming shiny luster, make your nails shiny, eye-catching.
Different designs give your nails a different style and more sparkle, and are also good for DIY, jewelry making, etc.

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Source: Dynamic Nail Supply

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