Professional cuticle nippers | Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Precision Cuticle Trimmer

Incredibly sharp – breathtaking results. Made from 100% surgical grade stainless steel, the cuticle cutters are hand sharpened to perfection. The result: a flawless manicure or pedicure.
Angled for precision, with an easy-to-grip matte chrome finish handle that facilitates the safe removal of cuticles from fingers and toes. Stay safe and clean by sanitizing your beauty utensils in an autoclave, UV sterilizer or barbicide.
A reliable tool to treat your toenail or ingrown toenail. Ultra-thin and super strong cutting jaws make it easy to extract small pieces of dead skin and nails. Finish with cuticle oil to maintain or repair cuticle health.

Ultra-sharp, surgical-grade stainless steel tip lets you cut even the smallest cuticles
Unique spring loaded 1/2 jaw trimmer with hand molded handle and box locking hinge provides superior comfort
Our pliers are approved and used by professionals and salons nationwide
Got Glamor will be the last brand you will ever want to buy. Inexpensive pliers just can’t compare

Source: Professional cuticle nippers 
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