UV LED Curing Light for Nail Polish | Professional upgrade design double set of nail art lights with motion sensor quick dry technology

FOR ALL GEL POLISH: UV gel, builder gel, sculpting gel, rhinestone gemstone glue, CND Shellac, OPI, our lamp can cure them all!
NAIL CARE SET INCLUDED: Premium nail care set that includes nail file, cuticle pusher and gel remover clips
48 WATTS: This lamp is PURE POWER! There is no other 48 watt lamp on the market.
UPGRADE PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: Improved ergonomic design and technology. It’s a latest generation nail lamp!

How to use our nail lamps
1. Apply your gel polish according to its instructions for use.
2. Use the appropriate auto-timed setting (depending on your gel polish requirements). The lamp will turn off automatically after the specified time.
3. For best results, avoid moving your hand too much until drying is complete.
4. Please note that the curing requirements vary depending on the brand of gel polish. Make sure your polish is compatible before purchase.
5. If the gel polish is a little sticky after drying, wipe your nails with a mild cleanser. Enjoy your beautiful long-lasting gel color!

Source: UV LED Curing Light for Nail Polish
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