UV LED Nail Lamp, UV Gel Nail Light 48W Nail Dryer with 5 Timers, Auto Sensor, LCD Display, Low Temperature Mode

Applications: Your average drying time is reduced by around 50% with this gel nail lamp, suitable for all types of UV or LED gel polish including topcoat, base coat, top coat, color, hard gels, sculpting gel, gem glue, acrylic, etc. .
Smart Sensor and LCD Display: This LED gel nail lamp will automatically turn on after you have your hands, and it will turn off after your hands, convenient to use. The LCD display showing the drying time guarantees you a safe and comfortable nail art work.
ADJUSTABLE TIMER AND LOW TEMPERATURE MODE: With 10s, 30s, 60s, 90s, 120s timer, this nail polish dryer can meet your different needs when drying nails. In low temperature mode, the power of this gel lamp gradually increases over time, which can solve all the pain problems caused by drying gels.
User-Friendly Design: The removable bottom makes cleaning easy, the curved shell protects the eyes, and the soft light prevents the skin from turning brown.
Guarantee: Madenia offers a 12 month quality guarantee. For any questions, please contact us to exchange a new one for free. Please rest assured to choose it for professional salon use or for the beginner at home.

Automatic sensor
Without pressing any time setting button, the nail lamp will automatically turn on by automatic sensor after hands and turn off after hands.

Faster drying
With the design of 48w and 24pcs UV and LED bulbs evenly distributed, this lamp can greatly reduce the drying time.

5 synchronization options
With 10s, 30s, 60s, 90s and 120s low heat 5 time setting buttons, the nail lamp can meet different needs of different people when drying nails. The LCD screen gives people a better chance to control the drying time.

Low heat


Remove adhesion

Low temperature mode
In this low heat mode, the power gradually increases over time, which can reduce any discomfort experienced by the hardening gels.

ON / OFF mode
When you press the On / Off button, the light will be on and the lamp will start working. When you press the button again, the light will be off and the lamp will stop working. The maximum working time is 150 s.

Remove the sticky
If your nails remain sticky after drying, remember to wipe your nails with the alcohol swab and it will no longer be sticky.


Source: UV Gel Nail Light
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