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Maple Leaf Nail Glitter comes in 12 different colors, each carefully selected and packaged in a storage box. They show brilliant color when viewed from different lights and angles, make your nails look stunning and bright.
Nail glitter flakes with a total of 12 colors. You can choose different colors to decorate the nails. Each is packed in a pot with a good seal to protect it from spillage.
Can be used on nails, eyes, face and any part of the body as body glitter to give you more sparkling effects. And can be used as decoration in phone cases, books, wallet, shoes, jewelry making, greeting cards, mirrors, DIY crafts, etc.
Maple Leaf Glitter Nail Glitter is healthy, environmentally friendly, free from toxic and pungent chemicals, and can be used anywhere. Does not cause any damage to the skin, even to sensitive skin.
Cute little glitter, a must have for any nail art lover.

A fun and easy nail decoration that will give you a unique look and give you professional results without the expense of a nail salon.
24 boxes, 24 colors
Our nail decoration set gives you the noble and shine you want for your decoration.
It can be used with nail polish, UV gel or acrylic nails etc.
It works great for your nail art, cellphone decoration, lighter, clothes, shoes, etc.

How to use:
1> Prep your nails with uv base coat and dry them under uv / led lamp
2> Apply uv color gel (do not harden)
3> Use tweezers to apply the glitter on your nails
4> cure it under uv / led lamp
5> Seal it with UV topcoat and cure it under UV / LED lamp.

Note: 1> Keep it away from children under 3 years old.
2> Colors shown in pictures may vary slightly from actual product due to lighting and color settings.

Source: Maple Leaf Nail Glitter

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